Carlos Mello

MainGUILTY, the emerging decor brand born from the fusion between Art and Design

Born to challenge the design era, with a fresh, appealing, artistic, and unique aesthetic, MainGUILTY emerged in 2020, in the middle of the pandemic. Resulting from the fusion between art and design, and with a bold, striking, spicy, provoking, and pragmatic character, this brand promises to be the missing key to today’s design. 

We interviewed the brand’s founders, Luís Leão, Founder and CEO of MainGUILTY, and Carlos Mello, Creative Director and Founder of the brand, who revealed to us the secrets of this company that is taking its first steps towards a presentation to the public. After ten months of hard work, the brand’s collections are based on the personal experiences of the creators and their perception of the world.

 All the pieces can be applied in any environment, and be the highlight, they have that weight and personality. Above all, MainGUILTY has its personality,”  Mello.

Are you GUILTY or Innocent? That’s the question the founders ask. 

“What is to come is a breath of fresh air, a new reality, in the fusion between art and design,” explained the creators of the brand that promise to have many secrets to unveil.

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